More Still on Green Trademarks: A New Tool for Investigating Ecolabels

January 15th, 2008 by Eric Lane Leave a reply »

There’s a new web site that educates consumers about the multitude of “green” labels out there.  The site,, provides consumers with a way to investigate a business’s claims of environmental responsibility by facilitating research of “ecolabels,” those certifications and brand names that are used to communicate green business practices.  (read an interview with one of the co-founders here) 

There are a couple of ways to use the site:  you can search for a particular ecolabel that you see on a product, or you can search by category if, for example, you are looking for ecolabels used in the electronics industry because you want to buy from an environmentally-friendly manufacturer.  The listings tell you whether it’s an industry, government or non-profit organization label, the number of products and companies certified by the label, and whether the labeling standards have been independently verified.

Given the rise of green trademarks and ecolabeling, this web site is a welcome tool for sorting through all of the certifications and labels out there and separating the genuine from the “greenwash.”       


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