Quick Charge Hydrogen Fuel Cell Phones


Angstrom Power’s micro hydrogen fuel cells can be sized to fit in existing cell phone battery spaces and can be recharged in just 10 minutes.  It’s no wonder that Motorola was keen to replace lithium ion batteries with Angstrom’s fuel cells.  As Green Tech Gazette reported, Motorola has put the micro hydrogen fuel cells in its MOTOSVR L7 cell phone, which was on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. 

Angstrom has a number of patents covering its fuel cell technology.  U.S. Patent Nos. 6,864,010 and 6,969,563 are directed to high power density fuel cells using the company’s special micro-structured architecture.  Unlike conventional fuel cell designs, which include discrete gas diffusion layers, catalyst layers and electrolyte layers, Angstrom’s fuel cells integrate the functions of all three layers into a single porous substrate.  The three “layers” can be folded together to form various shapes.  In addition, Angstrom’s porous micro-structure increases the electrochemically active surface area of the fuel cell.  The resulting high energy density fuel cells are well-suited for small portable consumer electronics. (read Angstrom’s description of how its micro hydrogen fuel cell works)

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