Providing “Lynx” Between Green Inventors and Green Investors

lynxstreet.JPG is a new  web site that serves as an online intellectual property (IP) exchange for environmentally-friendly technology.  The site provides a “virtual trading floor” that links inventors with investors, venture capitalists, governments and others who can provide the resources to commercialize and implement green ideas and technology.  (see the LynxStreet page on Squidoo)

The site is divided into three trading floors:  patents, patents pending and “conceptual,” where inventors can offer their ideas for sale or license.  A prospective buyer can browse such categories as air quality, greenhouse gas reduction, radioactive contamination and waste reduction & recycling.  The site even has want ads so people searching for specific green IP can post their particular needs. 

A one-year membership costs about $50 for either a patent buyer or a patent seller.  LynxStreet charges a $1,090 flate fee for a successful licensing agreement and takes a commission on any successful sale starting at 10% for a sale of up to $1,000 and diminishing as the sale value increases.

LynxStreet’s success may depend on the network effect, i.e., the site will be useful to people only if enough other people use it.  Assuming it does take off, with LynxStreet and the launch of the Eco-Patent Commons (Commons) earlier this year, patent owners now have the tools to either sell their clean technology or donate it while those seeking green ideas can either browse the free green IP through the Commons or search the pay-to-play listings on LynxStreet.  It will be interesting to see which model proves better at implementing clean technology.

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Eric Lane

Eric Lane, the founder and principal of Green Patent Law, is an intellectual property lawyer and registered U.S. patent attorney in New York and is a member of the bar in New York and California. Eric has more than two decades of experience working with wind, solar PV, CSP, biofuels, and geothermal, energy storage technologies, carbon capture and sequestration, medical devices, data communications, mechanical, chemical, internet and software.