Aquamarine Power Harnesses Wave Energy with its Oscillating Oyster

October 22nd, 2009 by Eric Lane Leave a reply »


Aquamarine Power is a Scottish wave energy developer that recently completed a first round of fundraising (10 million British pounds) and deployed a full scale demonstration model of its Oyster wave energy converter.

International Application No. PCT/GB2006/000906 and the corresponding U.S. Patent Application Pub. No. 2008/0191485 (‘485 Application) describe the Oyster.

The ‘485 Application is directed to a wave energy conversion device (1) comprising a base portion (2) anchored to the seabed (4).  A flap (8) is pivotally connected to the base portion (2) and moves back and forth in an oscillating motion in response to waves (7).


Deflector plates (13, 70) direct waves onto the flap (8), thereby improving power capture.  According to the ‘485 Application, curved end sections (78) also improve power capture. 


When the flap (8) oscillates in response to wave action, driving rods (66) cause hydraulic fluid in cylinders (68) to be pressurized by the action of pistons (not shown).  The pressurized fluid is delivered to on onshore turbine that generates electricity.

According to this Matter Network story Aquamarine Power has an agreement with Scottish and Southern Energy to develop up to 1,000 megwatts of marine energy sites by 2020 using the Oyster technology.


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