Need to FedEx a Renewable Energy System? Call SkyBuilt


SkyBuilt Power, an Arlington, Virginia, company, has won a 2011 Edison Award in the Best Energy and Sustainability Product category for its renewable energy power stations. 

SkyBuilt designs and develops integrated, modular power systems including the first rapidly deployable combined solar and wind power station.

SkyBuilt’s U.S. Patent No. 7,230,819 (‘819 Patent), entitled “Mobile power system,” relates to the company’s core technology.  The ‘819 Patent is directed to a transportable power system that incorporates two different types of power generating devices.

The mobile power system (10) includes a housing (12) and one or more brackets (14) coupled to the housing.  Solar panel arrays (18) are coupled at one end to the brackets (14) and at another end to adjustable struts (20).

A wind turbine (24) may be mounted on a pole (22), which is mounted to a corner of the housing (12).

According to the ‘819 Patent, key advantages of the system include the versatility to add various configurations of different renewable energy sources and ease of transport and assembly, particularly in that the system is the size of a standard ISO freight container.

SkyBuilt sells the mobile power station under the brand name SkyStation, which its web site calls a “complete power station in a standard freight container.”

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