GPB Makes Lexis Top 50 Environmental & Climate Change Blogs

May 8th, 2011 by Eric Lane Leave a reply »


I am very pleased to announce that Green Patent Blog has been selected as one of the top 50 environmental law and climate change blogs by the LexisNexis Environmental Law & Climate Change Community.

It was humbling to be nominated back in January, and it is a tremendous honor to make the top 50 (see the Lexis announcement here).

The LexisNexis community said Green Patent Blog covers “a niche topic whose time has definitely arrived” and had kind words about the writing style:

There is a welcome clarity to the writing here, which goes a long way toward helping the uninitiated follow complex patent law issues.

This makes me particularly happy because I always strive to make my blog accessible to both lawyers and non-lawyers.

I believe green IP issues are important in the struggle to mitigate climate change, and I hope my writings on the subject reach a diverse audience.

Thank you for the wonderful honor LexisNexis!


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