Green Patents, Post-Grant Review, Contingent Fees, and the AIA at Notre Dame Symposium

I will be speaking at the Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property Symposium at Notre Dame Law School on Friday, March 2, 2012, along with Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor David Schwartz and Kirkland & Ellis partner Barry Irwin. 

Professor Schwartz will present his work on contingent fee patent litigation, and Mr. Irwin will talk about post-grant review at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

I will present on the green patent fast track programs offered in intellectual property offices around the world.  My talk will discuss the details of these initiatives, which provide for accelerated examination of patent applications directed to green technologies.

I will also present a critical analysis of the programs and discuss my proposal for a harmonized international green patent fast track system (more on that later, but my article on the subject can be found here).

The speakers will also participate in a panel discussion on the America Invents Act.

The info on the symposium can be found in the pic of the flyer above.  I hope to see you there.

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Eric Lane

Eric Lane, the founder and principal of Green Patent Law, is an intellectual property lawyer and registered U.S. patent attorney in New York and is a member of the bar in New York and California. Eric has more than two decades of experience working with wind, solar PV, CSP, biofuels, and geothermal, energy storage technologies, carbon capture and sequestration, medical devices, data communications, mechanical, chemical, internet and software.