OrganoWorld’s Winga E-Generator Harnesses Energy from Low Wind Speeds

OrganoWorld, a company based in Montreal, Canada, has developed a wind turbine able to harness energy at low wind speeds.

Concerned about the effects of global climate change, chemical engineer Frederick Churchill began to explore the use of wind energy.  He carried out preliminary research for his technology with the assistance of personnel and research facilities at both the University of Montreal, and the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.

The Winga e-Jetstream Generator design converges low wind onto an annular rotor, and diverges it to create a large augmentation of the wind velocity.  While a three-wing rotor would only be able to create 51.1 W/m2 from a mean wind velocity of 4.4 m/s, the Winga e-Jetstream Generator would be able to create as much 26,168.5 W/m2. 

The following diagram depicts the technology:

According to Cleantech PatentEdge™, OrganoWorld owns six international, or PCT, applications, including applications directed to various features of its wind turbine:  Interational Application No. PCT/CA2009/000797 for the apparatus to increase fluid velocity in a fluid turbine, International Application No. PCT/CA2009/001641 for the fluid directing system for turbines, and International Appication No. PCT/CA2009/001649 for the annular multi rotor double wall turbine, among others. 

Additional patent applications are also underway. 

One technical problem, relating to early boundary layer separation in the diffuser, has been overcome, making this a fully scalable technology.

The company is seeking funding to build a 250 kW commercial prototype with the hopes of making wind power more accessible for commercial building owners, universities, and off-grid locations.  According to Churchill, the company is currently exploring opportunities in the Caribbean and in Germany.

* Rosemary Ostfeld is a contributor to Green Patent Blog.  Rosemary recently completed both her undergraduate and graduate education at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.  She double majored in Biology, and Earth & Environmental Sciences as an undergraduate, and received her Master’s in Earth & Environmental Sciences.

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